Roseanne Longo, LMT
East Brookfield, MA


About Roseanne Longo, Licensed Massage Therapist

You Determine Your Wellness Goals

Roseanne believes that massage menus can be confusing. Most people are really looking for a specific outcome, such as to increase movement in their right shoulder, to relieve back pain, or simply to feel less stressed and more relaxed. Many clients have said Roseanne takes more of a “medical” approach to massage therapy, asking various questions to pinpoint your areas of concern and to determine how to help you that day. Your Massage Therapy treatment will be customized based on your goals, each time.

Tools & Techniques

By listening to you, Roseanne can choose the appropriate techniques and tools to reach your goals. She will let you know when she needs you to relax and let her do the work, or when she needs client involvement (such as push your leg against my hand) to correct and reprogram the body’s stubborn pain patterns. Hot stones are often incorporated into your massage at no additional charge. Roseanne encourages feedback during and after a session so she can further customize your massage therapy sessions.

Foundation & Philosophy

Roseanne started her career with a quality education from the highly regarded Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in 1998. When she opened her own business in Brookfield in 2001, she named it Hands-on Healthcare as a reflection of her philosophies. A Hands-On approach implies active involvement of yourself as well as the massage therapist in working towards your wellness goals. Massage Therapy is a way to maintain or to better your health, and should be viewed as more than just a luxury or “treat”. After over 13 years of operating her business in Brookfield, in 2015 she created a welcoming office space in the north entrance of her home in East Brookfield.

Massage Therapy

Alleviates pain & discomfort
Releases muscle tension & tightness
Eases movement / increases flexibility

Better Health

Combats & reduces stress
Reduces mental / physical fatigue
Speeds recovery & healing
Normalizes sleep patterns

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